The Swiss Tech Cluster: Sovereign Innovation and a Magnet for Visionaries

One Cluster to unlock potential in AI, Data and Applications.

Build AI with Sovereignty

Use kvant AI to effortlessly train, validate, and deploy AI models while scaling analytics and AI workloads with open, governed data solutions that ensure responsibility and transparency.

Build AI with Sovereignty

Made in Switzerland

Sovereign AI

For the first time in Switzerland, Phoenix Technologies is offering a sovereign AI solution with state-of-the-art AI infrastructure. Our Sovereign AI enables Swiss companies, authorities and research institutions to realise AI innovations in Switzerland.


Motivated by a collective commitment to a better future, we build a professional and inclusive environment where everyone - regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or background - can succeed and drive our mission.


Sustainability is an ongoing process at Phoenix Technologies that covers all business areas and is adapted to the latest developments and requirements standards.

Quality and Certificates

Our companies have been developing quality software for over 12 years and operate the corresponding infrastructure for large companies and government institutions. 

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We are a team of Specialists with the mission is to build the most modern Tech Cluster for a sovereign Switzerland.



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